Best Chest Workout Routines and Exercises

best chest exercises

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The largest muscle group in the upper body is the pectoralis major. The best chest workout is achieved by using heavy weights in various exercises focusing on the large slabs of muscle that form the upper, lower, inner, and outer pectorals. Check out the rest of the article for a great addition to your workout on how to build muscles.

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Best Chest Workout

The pecs are tied in closely with your shoulders and arms, and are used for pushing. Because of their location, when you work your chest, you’re also working your deltoids and triceps. The weights you use in your training regimen are directly related to the size, depth, and spread of your pecs.

Exercises Used to Develop the Pecs- Best Chest Workout

Bench Press – When evaluating and talking about the chest, the first exercise you should consider is the bench press. The bench press may be performed in several ways, using various grips, benches, weights, and angles.

The Olympic bar and plates generally used are the only things the types of bench presses have in common.

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The basic bench press involves using a wide grip on the bar and a flat bench. The wide bench exerts the outer pecs the most. Whether you lower the bar to the neck or to the chest will determine which part of the pecs are worked, upper or middle.

Lowering the bar to the middle of the chest, with elbows kept close to your sides, involves the triceps to move the weight. IF the bar is lowered to the neck, the elbows are widely splayed, which utilizes the frontal deltoids and pecs.

An incline board may also be utilized to perform the bench press, lowering the bar to the neck. This exercises the upper pecs. To the converse, when the decline board, the lower pecs are utilized.

Parallel Bar Dips – To work the upper and inner pecs, the lifter’s hands should be at shoulder width. The outer pecs and delt-pec tie-in can be worked by placing the hands farther apart.

Dumbbell Exercises for a Chest Workout – Dumbbells can be used for several bench exercises closely approximating Olympic bar lifts. They can also be used for doing flies on a flat, incline, or decline bench, and are good stretching the pecs and ripping them.

Cable-and-Pulley Machine – For chest-finishing exercises such as the two-handed crunch, there’s no better device than this. The exercise starts with arms spread wide, then coming closer together as the handles are pulled in front of the chest, arms bent slightly at the elbow.

Bent-Arm-Pullover – Performed on a flat bench with the weight on the floor, the lifter assumes a supine position, then reaches back over the head for the barbell. The elbows are kept bent while the weight is brought to the chest in a circular motion.

chest workoutThis becomes a compound exercise when the weight is next pressed from the chest as a close-grip bench press. Then the weight is returned to the chest and lowered to the floor using a circular motion.

To achieve the very best results, the ideal chest workout begins with heavier weight exercises such as the bench press, moving down through the barbell exercises, ending with body weight resistance exercises to finish off the pecs.

Best Chest Workout Routine For Experienced Lifters

Light Workout

1-2 sets of bench
1-2 sets of incline
1-2 sets of weighted dips or decline bench press
1-2 sets of flat or incline dumbbell bench press
1-2 sets of flyes or crossovers

Medium Workout

2-3 sets of bench
2-3 sets of incline
2-3 sets of declines or dips
2-3 sets of dumbbells
1-2 sets of flyes or crossovers

Heavy Workout

3-4 sets of bench
3-4 sets of incline
2-3 sets of dips or declines
2-3 sets of dumbbells
2-3 sets of flyes or crossovers

Try those best chest workout today and see the improvements in no time!







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