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A Good Ab Workout – The Five Minutes Abs Routine

No physical fitness regimen is complete without a good abdominal workouts. Most exercisers balk at the idea of having to do crunches and sit-ups for several minutes a day. There is a 5-minute abs routine, however, that can help you … Continue reading

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Effective Love Handle Exercises for Men

The term “love handles” is used to refer to excess fat deposits that are located along the waistline. Men especially are prone to develop love handles, more than women, so that it is necessary to exert effort, be consistent and … Continue reading

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Bodybuilding Chest Workout – Check This Out

Chest workout is still one of the first thing that every bodybuilder targets. This is also what Vince Del Monte frequently tells his students like myself. The pectoralis major, the chest muscle group, is the largest muscle group in the … Continue reading

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