How to Build Muscle Fast and Best Way

how to gain muscleHey there bro, my name is Alexander but they all call me Alex. Like I said on my ‘About Me‘ page, I am so proud of this website because in here I put together all the things that I went through in order to build more muscle mass on my super skinny body.

Want to learn how to build muscles? Please stay a while and read on..

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Why am I putting this website up? The main purpose is to share to everyone who are looking for information on how to have muscle mass. But the important reason is, I know how YOU feel because I was once in your situation – I don’t have any social life because I was very conscious about the way body looked, I don’t have a lot of confidence, and attracting women is next to impossible for me. Until I decided to take action and change myself for the better.

The path to building muscle is a long and strenuous one, but fortunately, a few shortcuts have been found due to the relatively new science of sports physiology.

Used properly, these shortcuts can assist you on how to build muscle fast and in building muscle considerably more quickly than working out the way you have been doing. First of all, you don’t need to work each muscle for hours every single day.

The wisdom of old-school bodybuilding said there was no rapid way to build muscle. You had to work out at the gym for three or four hours daily, and had to work your entire body every day.

You rested at night, and once a week, you didn’t go to the gym, so you took a break.

In those days, athletes were warned to avoid weight training because it would make them too bulky, “muscle bound”, and also cause them to lose flexibility.

building musclesHowever, for whatever reason, an increasing number of athletes started ignoring that advice, and to their amazement, found that weight actually made them both stronger and more flexible.

This didn’t go unnoticed by athletic trainers, of course, who started evaluating the potential of weight training for purposes of building muscle in athletes. They were able to confirm the advantages of weight training, and more and more sports trainers and coaches began to add weight training to their fitness regimes. Soon players of most major sports, even track and field, began pumping iron.

Sports physiology began to develop as a science, and weight training began being approached more scientifically as it was applied to muscle building for athletes participating in all sports.

Bodybuilders began to notice what was going on with weight training in other sports, and began working out “smarter, not harder”, and searched for ways to build muscle more quickly. They still spent lots of time at the gym, but far less than in the past. The average bodybuilder’s time at the gym was eventually reduced by approximately half. They were able to do this by carefully evaluating specific exercises and routines for the very best methods of building bigger muscles faster.

It was discovered by researchers that it was imperative to rest muscles adequately after they had been strenuously exercised. Otherwise, they became overworked and could not develop further.

Presently, bodybuilders are generally advised to work each muscle group one day a week, to the point of exhaustion. Other muscle groups receive some incidental work when you’re focusing on one of the groups, and this is unavoidable. Only on a group’s “focus day” should it be exhausted after a workout. If you use this tactic, your muscle growth will be more rapid, and your body will be stronger in general.

It isn’t necessary to put up with perpetual all-over muscle soreness on a daily basis, either, since muscle groups are allowed to rest in between, resting, recovering, and rebuilding.

Protein – Key on How To Build Muscle Fast

Another giant step forward for bodybuilding was the revelation that working the muscle to the point of utter exhaustion for each exercise was enough to tear it down properly. Any protein consumed by the bodybuilder would be used primarily to rebuild tissue, rather than further developing it.

The other aspect of rapidly building muscle is proper nutrition. It has been stated that bodybuilding consists of eighty percent diet. While this might not be precisely accurate, there is no arguing that diet accounts for more than half of rapid bodybuilding.

Amount of Protein To Build Muscle After Workout

To build muscle and to do so quickly, the bodybuilder’s diet must obtain at least one-fourth of its calories from animal and vegetable protein.

Carbohydrates make up about forty percent of the calories needed for bodybuilding, and they should all be complex carbs, not refined sugars and starches.

Caffeine and alcohol should be kept to an absolute minimum, and the remaining 25 percent or so of the diet should consist of fats and fibers.

This diet should be supported by additional protein powders mixed with either water or raw milk, protein boosters such as eggs, kelp tablets, and desiccated liver.

Wheat oil and other soluble oils help the body metabolize protein, and will increase endurance.

All in all, the road to rapid muscle growth is built of exercising each muscle group more efficiently, not more in general. Remember that rest is every bit as important as strength training, and eating a proper bodybuilding diet is the most important thing to be done. These are some of the best way to build muscle fast, stay a while a learn some more!

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