How To Get Bigger Triceps

How to Build Up Your Triceps Quickly

 Unlike the biceps, rarely do you hear people inquire how they can build up their triceps quickly. This is surprising, especially considering the fact that two thirds of the upper arm is composed primarily of the triceps muscles. If you want to build up impressive, massive arms, the best muscles to target are the triceps.

 develop tricepsTo review muscle anatomy for a bit, the triceps is actually one big muscle consisting of three heads (for which it is named), namely the long (located in the inside of the arm), medial and lateral heads. Each of these heads will be targeted by triceps workouts based on the angle by which these specific exercises are performed. However, if you want to have a nice shape to your arm, it is important to target the lateral head of the triceps, because it is this that gives your arm its generous curve.

 Let us take a look at some of the exercises that have been proven effective in building up your triceps fast and easy…

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One Arm At the Back of the Neck Triceps Extension

 Popularized by trainer Vince Gironda, this exercise specifically targets the lateral head of the triceps. To perform this exercise correctly, you need to be conscious of your form. It is very important that you hold your elbow into your head so that you work out your outer triceps. As you master this exercise, you can also rotate your hand, with your palm open as you go up to the top and then palm down with your thumb pointing to your lower back and bottom.

 Triceps Kickback

 This particular exercise is perfect for giving your triceps a well-rounded workout.

 Exercise Tips to Build Up Your Triceps

 Unlike your biceps wherein the results are clearly visible, you will need to feel your triceps to check for any progress in your workouts. Here are some tips that will enable you to build up bigger triceps…

    •  Always perform 3 to 5 sets of 12 repetitions or more to stimulate greater muscle growth.
    •  Always maintain correct form and do all the exercises slowly.
    •  When doing triceps kickbacks, increase difficulty by making sure that your upper body is angled toward the ground, so that both your head and shoulders are moving toward your knees.
    •  Always contract and maintain your triceps muscles for 6 seconds.

 By following these tips, you are sure to develop bigger triceps in no time at all!

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