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No Nonsense Muscle Building Review

Unbiased Review By: Alex Kent
Product Review: No Nonsense Muscle Building Program
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no-nonsense-muscle-building-reviewNo Nonsense Muscle Building, Vince Delmont’s program, targets “hard-gainers” – those people who just can’t seem to put on any muscle no matter how hard they try. They eat and eat and eat protein, pump iron, and take supplements, and just never seem to be able to put on any muscle. They stay scrawny.

This is autobiographical. Like many other underweight people, he wanted desperately to develop his body. During all his struggles, he sort of stumbled across a little-known technique to build up his own body, and then turned around and used it to create a program in the same quandary.

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Vince doesn’t make any bones about it…he’s pushing his program. However, many experts have evaluated Vince’s program, and assert that it’s worth several times what you invest in it.

While Vince never quite says in his promo, his program also works for overweight people who have trouble gaining muscle instead of fat, not just for skinny people. With the No Nonsense Muscle Building program and book, people of virtually any shape, size, sex, and physical ability can be helped by his training and advice.

He also states in his promo material that this program probably isn’t for hardcore bodybuilders who love spending most of their lives pumping iron at the gym. For these folks, the gym routine is a lifestyle. Vince’s program tends to attract “regular” everyday people like ourselves.

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No Nonsense Muscle Building is a program for people who lead busy lives and simply can’t invest more than three hours a week at the gym. He affirms that three hours a week will be all you need to build the body you truly crave.

Vince says, in fact, that overtraining can be a problem that keeps you from building muscle. Perpetual iron-pumping and cardio exercising can actually work against you. He isn’t the only person who’s said this. His belief is supported by more coaches and trainers than you’d think.


Mr. Delmont’s program is well supported by scientific proof documenting the effectiveness of focused, concentrated techniques for training. Many of his followers have given verification and measurable proof of how successful this program has been for them.

Vince absolutely forbids using any sort of performance enhancers, whether they be anabolic steroids, HGH (human growth hormone), or other testosterone boosters. He states that many people don’t respond to these things, and that most who do see any success find it’s only temporarily useful in building muscles.

His program is totally devoid of drugs and supplements. It focuses solely on his exercise program and a diet consisting of natural foods. You wont’ see this stuff advertised in muscle magazines. He reminds his students that most of the muscle magazines are, in fact, owned by companies selling supplements, and that they use the magazines as a means of promoting their own bodybuilding supplements.

Delmont also reminds his students that the radiant reviews for supplements, delivered by renowned bodybuilding stars, are paid endorsements. There’s nothing unbiased or objective about them, and they aren’t truly based on the quality and performance, anyway.

In total, No Nonsense Muscle Building is a wonderful program for ordinary people who want to better their bodies without investing large chunks of their lives to pumping iron, choking down protein powders, vitamins, chemical supplements and other “nutritional products”.

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