Tips on How to Increase Bench Press

In the previous article, we described an effective bench press regimen that will help you to increase the number of bench presses that you are capable performing for every workout session.

However, religiously following such a regimen is not enough. There are other factors that you need to consider which will enable you to attain your goal of bench pressing more.

Proper Nutrition

All bodybuilders and physical fitness trainers emphasize the importance of eating a healthy, balanced diet. When it comes to building up your pecs, biceps, triceps, and shoulder and upper back muscles – the muscle groups that you use while bench pressing – you need to eat more proteins. It is from protein sources like lean meats, eggs and dairy products that you get the essential amino acids which are needed to build up muscle tissues and hasten the repair and recovery of existing muscles in the body.

Moderate amounts of carbohydrates and fats are also necessary. It is from these food groups that you get the energy and stamina necessary to do more bench presses.


In some individuals, observing proper nutrition is not enough for them to get the needed nutrients for building up bodies that would enable them to bench more.

For those who cannot handle the heavy meat consumption, they can take high protein supplements like whey or soy, or yummy protein bars.

Creatine is especially popular among trainers and bodybuilders. Not only can this supplement increase muscle mass, it also enhances exercise performance. For individuals who want to do more bench presses, creatine provides the energy which will allow them to do more reps and sets, as well as lift heavier weights.

To hasten repair and recovery of muscle tissues during bench presses, it is helpful to include glutamine and vitamin and mineral supplements.

Of course, no bench press is complete without sports or energy drinks. Gatorade and similar drinks provide nourishment to the body and muscles both before and after a workout.

Breathing Techniques

One very important but often overlooked aspect of bench presses is breathing technique. Breathing properly while executing bench presses will not only enable you to lift heavier weights, it will give you that extra power to do more reps.

Here is the right way to breathe while bench pressing. When you remove the barbell from the rack and position it above your chest, breathe in deeply. As you push it up, exhale. Inhale again when you lower the barbell.

Don’t forget to contract your abs and core muscles when you are about the lift the barbell, and then relax them as you exhale.

Do Other Exercises

Doing bench presses alone will not be enough to increase the number of reps that you can perform. Do other exercises that will strengthen the muscles of your arms, shoulders and chest. This would include cable push-downs, dips, and kick-backs for the triceps, shoulder presses and lateral raises for your front deltoids, and plank exercises and weighted sit-ups for your core.

Learn other tips on how to increase your bench presses today!

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