Tips in Getting Bigger Arms in 4 Weeks Fast

Hey, I’m Alex and I just want to say that nothing says “fitness” more than a pair of big, strong, muscular arms. Getting bigger arms is one of the gym goers goal. Men and women alike appreciate the appearance of rippling triceps and bulging biceps. Big arms are pretty obvious even when they’re covered with clothing. This means that they can also be admired when they’re covered. Here are some ways in getting bigger arms.. fast. Click Here to Know the best way/workout that Vince Del Monte is teaching and using

how to get bigger armsFirst, if you want to develop those arm muscles, you’re going to have to work them hard. This isn’t going to be something you can achieve if you’re sitting on your rear end, lifting those 12-ounce weights-in-a-can. That’s only going to garner you a beer gut. You can’t get those arms by squeezing rubber balls or spring-loaded hand grips. All those are going to do is relieve a little tension. You’re going to have to get your rear to the gym and start pumping iron.

Bigger Arms in 4 Weeks

The muscles of the arm are divided into two groups; the biceps, the two-part muscles on the frontside of the arm which is fully contracted when your arm is tightly curled; and the triceps, which is the three-part muscle on the backside of the arm which is fully contracted when you straighten your arm.

how to get bigger arms

The biceps are pulling things, and the triceps are for pushing things. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

The biceps are best worked when exerting positive exercise, such as curling a weight, as well as when resisting the return to the beginning point, which is negative exercise. A bodybuilder should be sure to use the muscle in both parts of the movement.

The triceps are best worked when exerting positive exercise, such as pressing the bar away, and negative exercise, such as resisting the return of the weight to the starting position. Like the biceps or any other exercises, be sure to use the muscle in both parts of the movement.

Your arm-focused workout should be practiced one day a week. Your arms are going to get some work on your other muscle-group days, but they should be the focus of a workout that leads to total exhaustion of your arm muscles only on the “focus” day.

Biceps Exercises

  • Barbell and Dumbbell Curls – These exercises can be executed in wide range of manners, both standing and seated. The motions should be performed standing, carefully controlled, and with mental focus on the biceps. Three sets of ten reps should be performed for each of the following:
    • Seated, close-grip barbell curl
    • Standing, close-grip cheat curl
    • Seated, close-grip cheat curl
    • Incline, face-forward barbell curl
    • Lying face-forward on high bench barbell curl
    • Standing dumbbell curl
    • Incline dumbbell curl
    • Reverse-grip curl with the easy-curl bar
    • Concentration curls on Scott Bench using easy-curl bar
    • Flat Preacher Bench close-grip curls with easy-curl bar
  • Triceps Exercises
    • Triceps Presses, Curls, and Press-Downs
    • Standing close-grip triceps curls
    • Seated close-grip triceps curls
    • French Press supine on flat bench
    • Supine triceps curl and press
    • Reverse-wide-grip bench press
    • Standing dumbbell triceps press
    • Reverse grip triceps press-downs
    • Standing triceps press using wall pulley and rope or towel
    • Bent-over triceps extension with wall pulley

How to Get Bigger Arms

Super Sets – For very advanced bodybuilders, it is best to alternate a biceps exercise with a triceps exercise. In this way, you will shorten your workout time without sacrificing the integrity of your workout. Go back and forth between the exercises without resting, and one minute of rest between sets.

Now that you have torn down the muscle with this “killer” workout, it’s time to rest and rebuild the tissue. Critical to that rebuilding is a high-protein diet with at least 25% of the calories coming from protein. You should also include dietary fats to help metabolize protein.

Protein supplements are great, as are amino acids in the form of Lipotropic 3, a compound of three essential amino acids to help burn body fat. Desiccated liver and kelp tablets are also beneficial, and cold-pressed wheat germ oil will increase your energy and endurance.


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