Tips on Improving Your Bench Presses

For most athletes and physical fitness enthusiasts alike, the bench press is their gauge for strength and muscle power. If you want to impress the girls in the gym or beat your buddy through this powerful muscle building exercise, here are some tips that you should observe in order to improve your bench presses.

Identify Key Weaknesses

bench_pressThere are certain factors that may prevent you from being able to bench press properly. In fact, there are some lifters who have been misled into thinking that they are weak when actually they are quite strong and are just being prevented from bench pressing properly.

For example, there are some weightlifters who have difficulties in pushing the barbell up to starting position. To correct this, you need to be more explosive when you start the lift. Other exercisers can’t seem to lock the barbell at the top of the bench press. The problem in this case lies with poor triceps strength. Ask your trainer to check your bench press performance so that problem issues can be addressed.

Give Complementary Muscles a Workout

When you perform a bench press, you just don’t exercise a single muscle group, but several different muscles. Therefore, if you want to bench more, you need to give the complementary muscles that aid in this exercise a much needed workout.

When it comes to bench presses, there are three muscles that you need to strengthen. First is the triceps which you utilize in the top part of a lift. It also provides support and stability as you bench press. Exercise your triceps with triceps dips, triceps extensions and close grip presses.

Next, you need to work out your shoulder muscles, which you utilize in the bottom part of the lift. Like the triceps, it provides stability as you bench press.

Thirdly, you need to exercise the muscles in your upper back. A strong upper back helps to maintain tightness and stability in the body during bench presses. To strengthen this area, you need to perform seated rowing, barbell rowing, and pull ups.

Always Observe Proper Form

Observing proper form is critical to executing bench presses successfully and safely. A common mistake that weightlifters make is arching the back and bouncing the weight off the chest. To give your body support and leverage, plant both feet firmly on the ground. It is also important to wrap the thumbs around the bar to prevent the weight from slipping. Last but not least, breathe properly. Inhale when you lower the barbell and then exhale when you push I up.

Allow for Adequate Recovery

All bench pressers should be careful that they don’t impose too much wear and tear on their bodies. Always allot time for rest and recovery. It is ideal to alternate bench press days with rest days. During your rest day, do some stretching and cardio exercises and take warm baths and massages.

Determine a Bench Training Method that is Best for Your Body

There are two types of bench training, namely Maximal Effort Training and Dynamic Effort Training. With Maximal Effort Training, you lift weights of gradually increasing heaviness for a smaller number of repetitions. In contrast, Dynamic Effort Training requires that you lift lighter weights and for a larger number of repetitions.  Many physical fitness experts recommend that you do these training methods on alternating weeks.

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