Tips on Making Workout Schedules for Building Muscles

If you are serious in your goal of building muscles, it is very important that you consider making a workout schedule. Having a workout schedule will help you to stay focused and practice consistency in your muscle building regimen.

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Why do you need to make a workout schedule? For one, it will give you a clear picture of the specific exercises or routines that you are going to perform for the week and help you to maintain focus on completing your weekly regimen. Preparing your schedule will also enable you to plan exercises for each muscle group, so that by week’s end, you would have done a complete body workout. It can also help you to monitor your progress. Last but not least, having a schedule will aid you in developing a healthy mindset of incorporating exercise into your daily routine.

What do you stand to benefit from a workout schedule? Perhaps the most important benefit is that you are less likely to miss out on training certain muscle groups if you schedule them on certain days. It will also prevent you from exercising the same muscle groups over and over again. Some physical fitness trainers would recommend that you don’t just do isolation work. With a schedule, you can be able to find the best days in which to perform a total body workout, which would take a much longer period of time to accomplish.

Another great benefit to having a schedule is that you will be able to create variety in your workout. You can switch the muscle groups that you exercise in the following week. Or you can specifically note down how many reps and sets to perform or how heavy are the weights you will be lifting. By creating variety, you prevent your body from adapting to a fixed workout, which makes for greater gains in muscle mass.

For those individuals who also need to burn off excess fats aside from building muscles, a workout schedule can help you to determine when best to time cardio exercises like walking, jogging or running.

How do you make a workout schedule? You can make a workout schedule by using a journal or by creating an Excel spreadsheet. Indicate the specific muscle groups that you intend to train on certain days. Jot down the number of reps and/or sets you are going to do as well as how many pounds you intend to lift. Don’t forget to note down days of cardio exercises as well as for rest and recovery. Also, you might want to include a day or two of a total body workout.

Let us take a look at an example of a workout schedule.

Monday = Core and back exercises

Tuesday = Shoulders, arms and chest exercises

Wednesday = Rest

Thursday = Legs exercises

Friday = Cardio

Saturday = Total body workout

Sunday = Rest

You can ask your physical fitness trainer about his recommendations for exercises and routines on specific days of your workout schedule.

Learn more tips on how to make a workout schedule for building muscles today!

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